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Milk Thistle Extract 250mg

Inert Ingredients: Magnesium stearate.

This formula is free of yeast, egg, gluten, corn, soy, wheat, milk, starch, artificial colors or preservatives.

SUGGESTED USE: 1 tablet daily, 30 min before bedtime or consult a physician for adequate dosage instructions.

INTERACTIONS/PRECAUTIONS: Those with asthma should consult with physician before taking Melatonin supplement. Please consult your health professional if you are taking any of the following medications and are considering Melatonin: Cisplatin, Cyclophosphamide, Chemotherapy drugs, Docetaxel, Doxorubicin, Fluorouracil, Flouxetine, Fluvoxamine, Methotrexate, Mirtazapine, Oral Corticosteroids, Paclitaxel, Tamoxifen, Triazolam. Please consult your physician prior to adding Melatonin to your daily regimen.

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Melatonin (MLT) is a molecule secreted by the pineal gland in cyclical periods. It is recognized as a key element in regulating the body's sleep-wake cycle. (Reference 1)

Melatonin is a highly effective direct free radical scavenger and antioxidant. It reduces experimental cataractogenesis, traumatic injury to the spinal cord and brain, and protects against oxidative damage to the neurons and glia in models of stroke, Parkinsonism, and Alzheimer's disease. Furthermore, melatonin and its metabolites are highly effective in protecting against ionizing radiation. (Reference 2)

Melatonin is involved in numerous physiological processes including circadian entrainment, blood pressure regulation, oncogenesis, retinal physiology, seasonal reproduction, ovarian physiology, immune function, stimulating bone metabolism, as well as inducing osteoblast differentiation. (Reference 1, 3) Melatonin is also involved in tumour processes in breast, prostate, liver, and bone cancers, among others oral cavity tumors. (Reference 1)

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